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June Country Living

garden illustration for Country Living magazineA section of Sean Conway’s beautiful garden in Tiverton, Rhode Island, for the June 2012 issue of Country Living (US) magazine. Art Direction Angela Howard.

flowers for June

Flower illustrations for the June 2012 issue of Australian House & Garden magzineCollingwood shopping mapI think poppies would have to be one of my favourite flowers to draw. Those big creased petals, those top heavy buds that flop down over hairy stems, those warm summery colours, what’s not to love. Icelandic poppies are the flower of the month for June issue of House & Garden magazine. You can also spot my Cyclamen for an encore performance in the advice section up back. And Collingwood made the cut in the insider shopping -I think this is one of my favourites.

I’m currently reading Mr Wilkinson’s Favourite Vegetables -oh my! what a beautifully designed cook book. Written by Matt Wilkinson, designed by Studio Racket, illustrated by Miso -see some gorgeous images on Miso’s blog here. It’s titles like this that keep me safe in the knowledge that real books aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. I’m currently sipping a green juice smoothie, thanks to Louise from Table Tonic for introducing us to that amazing machine, and a special thanks goes out to the lovely Jo from The Darling Tree who featured Big Print Little on her blog August Empress. Jo is one talented Aussie graphic and web designer and I’ve been stalking her blog for ages so I was absolutely thrilled to read her lovely post on BPL. Thanks Jo.

Hope all is well in your world on this Tuesday afternoon. I’ve been working on some beautifully textured floral designs, an altered book (thanks to being inspired upon seeing some of Jane’s at the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show last month) and cutting and pasting some collage-y pieces of goodness. Happy days.

Images: Top – Icelandic Poppy and Cyclamen botanical illustration. Bottom – Collingwood shopping map. All for the June issue of Australian House & Garden magazine, on sale now.

Mudpie SS2013 trends

2013 Spring/Summer trends from MudpieSome gorgeous SS13 trends from Mudpie. And if you’re looking for more, I highly recommend getting MPDVision magazine. The first issue is only £9.99! Best $15 AUD I’ve ever spent. It’s actually their second issue -there is a premiere issue for £40 -hey, that’s still AMAZINGLY cheap for forecasting material.

I promise I’m not turning Big Print Little into a trend blog -although I’ve always loved this area. I’ve got a bit of work on at the moment and my blog is always the first to be shelved. Normal programing to resume in the next couple of weeks. Happy Tuesday! x

Images: From Mudpie Trend Journal

On my desk: Nerines

Nerines illustration by Allison LangtonHello! Welcome to the new squeaky clean Big Print Little website and blog. If you’ve just clicked over from the old blog, the new feed subscription link is to your right in the sidebar. You can also subscribe via email if you like (I hope I set that up properly -please let me know if you run into any problems). You may notice that some of the images don’t come through on the feed. I didn’t realize that when you set an image as a featured image in WP (one that sits above the post name) it doesn’t show up in the feed, so from now on, all the images will be regular ones I promise :)

So have a little look around. It’s not quite finished (please excuse the odd Lorem ipsum) but it’s nearly there -let me know if you come across something that doesn’t work and I’ll do my best to fix it. You may have noticed a slight name change. It’s now Big Print Little (as opposed to Bigprint Little). I honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to join two words together back in 2008 when I was naming my business. Most people when corresponding with me called me Big Print Little so now, that’s what I’m calling myself too :)

You may also notice that all the comments have disappeared from the blog. I’m sorry about that. Because I’m switching over from RapidWeaver, and the blog address has changed, I’m not able to bring the old comments with me. But I hope you’ll find it much easier to comment over here now under a WordPress commenting system, and I’ve also added some CommentLuv so I can catch up with your news too. Have a lovely week xx.

Image: Nerines for Australian House & Garden April issue. On my desk a little while ago now!

Shopping map for Balaclava, Victoria

Balaclava shopping …

I’ve been spending all my spare time over the past couple of weeks changing my website over from RapidWeaver to WordPress. It has taken a lot longer than I thought it would but I’m hoping it will be ready to go by the end of next week *fingers crossed*. Having had to manually re-enter over 80 blog posts with their images and links and tags and categories and dates etc etc etc …., I’ve not felt like blogging over here very much!
Above is my monthly shopping by postcode map for House & Garden. It was nice to get a postcode that is super close to where I live so I can check out some of those lovely stores.

Image: Balaclava shopping by postcode map for the April issue of Australian House & Garden magazine -on sale now.

Love potion illustration for Valentines blog hop

The Great Valentine’s Day Blog Hop!

Hooray! It’s The Great Valentine’s Day Blog Hop. All the artists and designers participating in today’s hop are AMAZING! -I’m chuffed to be part of this awesome group. For an overview of everyone’s love inspired images, head over to Chris Chun’s blog where you can see them all together. Don’t forget to click on the links at the bottom of this post to view more of each artists’ work -they’re a talented bunch.

So if you’re needing a love potion today, I’m totally your person. Lately I’ve been obsessed with the mythical TV show Merlin. I found a great book called Hatfield’s Herbal that has been helping me understand the way various plants were/are used medicinally and in folklore (and used by Gaius in Merlin -I know, I’m a total dork). All of the plant names in my valentine illo above could be found in various love potions and divinations in Britain and Ireland from the middle ages to more recent times.

So share a double hazel nut (Corylus avellana) today with someone you love (it’s sure to make the relationship last) or if you’re single and looking for love, secretly slip some sundew (Drosera rotundifolia) into the pocket of your desired person and you’ll be guaranteed a valentine. Or if you’re really adventurous, grind together butterbur seeds, foxglove, royal fern and old man bones (not sure how you’d source the bones of an old man these days) and sprinkle over your partners heart (chest) to ensure faithfulness :)

Hmmmm, this could make a great illustration series. I’ll add it to the list…
Happy days x

The Great Valentine’s Day Blog Hop artists
Chris Chun  -  http://chrischunart.blogspot.com.au/
Sharon Himes - http://www.sharonhimes.com/
Gabby Malpas - http://www.mangofrooty.blogspot.com.au/
Peggy Jo Ackley - http://www.peggyjoackley.com/
Patricia Shea - http://patternpatisserie.blogspot.com.au/
Skye Rogers - http://www.skyesthelimit.com.au/
Phyllis Dobbs - http://www.phyllisdobbs.info/
Barbara Johansen Newman – http://johansennewman.typepad.com/designrocket/
Natalie Ryan - http://nataliesketchbook.blogspot.com.au/
Belinda Strong - http://honeyjumble.blogspot.com.au/
Ellen Blonder -http://ellenblonder.blogspot.com.au/

Image: My love potion illustration for The GREAT Valentine’s Day Blog Hop of 2012.

Books: Sometimes I Think, Sometimes I Am.

Sara-Fanelli-sometimes-i-think-1Sara-Fanelli-sometimes-i-think-2Sara-Fanelli-sometimes-i-think-3Some of my favourite spreads from Sara Fanelli’s Sometimes I Think, Sometimes I Am.
An interesting book that I’ve only just come across recently, it showcases Sara’s sketches, drawings, cuttings and collages as she explores quotes from Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde to Goethe.
My favourite books of Sara’s would have to be her children’s books First Flight and Pinocchio, though this book is not for children –it can be a bit dark at times, it does offer insight into Sara’s illustrative mind –always a fascinating adventure, she has such a distinctive style!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow, as I take part in The GREAT Valentine’s Day Blog Hop! – thanks to my lovely friend Chris

Images: Sara Fanelli’s Sometimes I Think, Sometimes I Am. Published by Tate Publishing (2007)


Shopping map: Subiaco

Some gorgeous Subiaco shops featured in the March issue of House & Garden -on sale today.

Image: Postcode map for Australian House & Garden magazine March issue.

Trends: Trend Bible

Trend-Bible-AW-2012-1Trend-Bible-AW-2012-2UK trend forecasting agency Trend Bible showcased their AW 2012 trend concepts in Stationery, Kids, Wellbeing and Fashion Accessories for Top Drawer earlier this month.
I just love their Kid’s trend concept ‘Grow Your Own’. Think cute gnome and vegetable prints, woodland animals and garden prints, home-made, kid’s nature craft and product traceability. Got to love kids planting, growing and cooking their own food –encouraging that connection with nature that seems lost in many adults.
Head over to Trend Bible’s post to read more and download their Top Drawer presentation for Autumn/Winter 2012/13.

Images: Trend Bible Stationery trends for Autumn/Winter 2012/13. All images © Trend Bible 2012

On my desk -Aster-flower-illustration

On my desk: Aster

Technically, on my desk a couple of weeks ago …

Image: Aster for the March issue of Australian House & Garden magazine

Trends: Peclers Paris

Colour inspiration from Peclers ParisPeclers-Paris-Fall13-14-Living-colourPeclers-Paris-Fall13-14-inspirationsHow beautiful is this autumn/winter 2013-14 home colour story ‘natura’ from Peclers Paris?

When I was in my final year studying textile design at RMIT, I was fortunate enough to get some work experience at a trend forecasting studio in Melbourne. The studio happened to be the Australian agent for Peclers Paris, a styling and trend forecasting agency in Paris that produces seasonal books interpreting trend information for textiles/fashion/cosmetics/home/kids etc. I do not have the words to describe how beautiful these forecasting books were. I would spend my lunch break pouring over them. Such an inspiration for colour and motif, and a great launching pad to generate your own unique ideas and take on a particular trend.
These books are a little out of my budget, but Peclers have always had a fantastic website where you can get teeny-tiny glimpses of their current books. I stalk their site frequently.

Images; Top: I painted some colours with the mixer brush in Photoshop -I think I’m finally getting the hang of that brush. Bottom: Peclers Paris Fall/Winter 13-14 Home colours and Peclers Paris Fall/Winter 13-14 inspirations (screenshots from peclersparis.com).

Herbarium -Coral Bells

Herbarium: Coral Bells

The first plant out of the press for two thousand and twelve is one of my favourites, Coral Bells. Such a gorgeous plant when flowering en masse. And even when it’s not, its leaves are so striking -the underside a beautiful shade of darkish purple. A gouache paint-up is called for … it’s on my list.

Image: Allison Langton for Bigprint Little.